• Approved by US Govt for placement in an Individual Retirement Account(IRA)
  • No Counterparty risk for selling(To dealers) or holding American Eagles
  • No reporting to acquire and hold American Eagles
  • American Eagles tend to go up when other investments decline
  • American Eagles are a bulwark or hedge against inflation.
  • Instant Liquidity
  • Most recognized bullion coin in the world
  • Most popular bullion coin in the world
  • Considered a monetary asset by almost every country in the world
  • Content, weight, and purity guaranteed by the United States
  • Estimated up to 80% of all Gold in USA in the form of Eagles
  • Accepted by More Major Investment Markets than any other coin in the world
  • Most traded bullion coin in America
  • Minted with extraordinary production standards
  • Limited production runs

At Pugsley and Sons we look forward to discussing the pre tax benefits and how to set up an IRA/401K account that holds Gold and Silver. Let us explain the benefits of no counterparty risk and instant liquidity. Our experience is just a phone call or email away and we look forward to getting you started on holding physical Gold and Silver.

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